Ends on May 30, 2017

Submissions Are Now Closed to New Stories for Dark Luminous Wings. 

Please do not submit.  Any new submissions will be declined unread.

Call for Submissions for the “Dark Luminous Wings” Anthology

Pole to Pole Publishing is seeking short, original fiction for its upcoming anthology, Dark Luminous Wings, to be published October 2017. The volume draws inspiration from Richard Henry Stoddard’s poem, Mors et Vita, particularly stanza two:

Under the awful wings
Which brood over land and sea,
And whose shadows nor lift nor flee—
This is the order of things,
And hath been from of old:
First production,
And last destruction;
So the pendulum swings,
While cradles are rocked and bells are tolled.

Send us your stories about angels and demons, dragons and fairies, airplanes and ornathopters—and more. Let your imaginations soar, but let your stories be found in the darkest of places.

Stories should be 3,000-5,000 words (firm). Wings—of some sort—must be central to the theme of the story.

Hard Sells:

Profane and vulgar language. Because we market to both adult and YA readers, if you use an F-Bomb, and we accept your story, we’ll probably ask you to change it.

First person and Present Tense. We’ve published both: when the stories were very, very good. We want to let you know up front that we’re going to reject this most of the time. It’s just not our preference.

Excessive Gore and/or violence. Blood and guts are fine—as long as they’re part of the story and not the story itself.

Sex. See above about marketing to a wider audience.

Edition and Rights:

Dark Luminous Wings will be published in electronic and trade paperback in English. We are asking for exclusive, worldwide rights to your work for both electronic and print for six months only, and a non-exclusive right to keep your story in the anthology after that.

Payment: Payment is 2¢ per word, paid at publication, via PayPal only.

If you do not have a PayPal account, please do not submit your work.

Authors will also receive one copy of both the electronic and paperback versions of the anthology. (Authors can buy additional books at a discount.)

Bonus Royalties Multiplier:

If the anthology earns out, that is, recoups all up-front costs to produce within the first year, authors will also receive a royalty-share payment based on word-length of their story, at one-year from the date of publication.

What We Don’t Want:

No rape, torture, etc. of children. No animal abuse. No stories with characters from a copyrighted world that belongs to someone else.

No reprints.

No Poetry.

Submission Procedures:


All stories should be in standard manuscript form and in rich text format (.rtf) only.

No tabs. Please format the document with a first line indent.

Curly quotes, please—no straight quotes.

Only one story from each author will be considered.

If you’re not sure if your story is suitable, don’t query; just go ahead and submit, and let our editors decide.

Deadline: May 30, 2017, or until filled. Be aware that our 2016 anthology filled before the deadline, so don’t wait until the last minute to submit.

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